As a sommelier I start every month by counting bottles. Or depending on the business, I end the month with the dreaded count. But it happens. Every month. When people get googly eyed when I tell them I am a sommelier, I tell them there are good days and bad days. Inventory is never the best. The best, for me, is when things are busy. When people are willing to try the lesser-known grape varities. Or when people tell me that the wine I helped them find on the list was one of the best ones they have ever had. Often it is hard to tell what the night has in store when I look at the numbers late in the afternoon. I have seen it difficult to get through 80 covers or a breeze to do 130. There have been nights when there were only 60 covers in on the books, one waiter is sent home by 7, but 8 the place is packed. “Walk-ins” we call them. Where did they come from? Did the waiter tell them to come in until after their shift was over? Hard to tell, but that is when things get interesting. When we […]