Vancouver International Wine Festival Week Recap Wine fest week in Vancouver is a busy time for trade, and a very busy time for sommeliers at Hawksworth Restaurant, one of Canada’s top rooms and wine programs. Our Somm in the City kept a running log of his week’s wine-fuelled events/insanity for EAT. Monday, February 25, 2013 Late night last night at work as we begin to set up the week ahead. Re-printing wine list to reflect wines that are sold out and the new wines that have arrived. Early morning run in the rain. Breakfast and work by 10:30am. I have to make sure all the buttons are made in Micros, our point of sale system. Each wine that comes or goes on the wine list has a button attached to it for inventory. Each time a wine is rung in, it is accounted for. Technology is helpful, but it still means that each wine has to be physically counted. That’s my first job this morning once I arrive at work. Lunch was the standard rush from 12-2pm. What was unusual was the amount of wine that was sold. Typically Monday guests are not committed to the week by Monday lunch – […]