As a sommelier, I see guests reacting to the pomp and circumstance of wine service every night. For diners not used to wine service, it can be intimidating. Some are simply more comfortable with it than others. Learning to become a sommelier takes dedicated practice. There are books to read and memorize, wines to taste and bottles to count. Anyone can be a wine lover, but not a sommelier. A sommelier means that you are serving wine to the public and counting inventory at the end of each month. It is a job firmly rooted in the costumer service industry. Without customers, I would be of no service. That said, being a good custumer takes some practice also. When faced with a sommelier and a wine list, I often see guests becoming intimated and forgetting that wine is just about having a good time and sharing a bottle or three with friends. Therefore, I’d like to offer a few helpful suggestions so your comfort with wine service will increase and the entire dinner will be much more enjoyable. The presentation Once you have ordered the wine and the sommelier comes back to present you with the bottle, make sure that […]