I like acid. Like might be too soft a word. On a hot summer day, nothing says refreshing like a glass of bright and fresh wine with acidity so sharp you could shave with it. Not only is it wonderful to drink, but it is also very important and often misunderstood. Acidity plays an important role in wine, contributing to both the aging process and in keeping the wine refreshing and balanced. Even though acidity is one of the most important components for aging, many people often confuse it with something that would cause great discomfort. They may think an acidic wine will be tart or sour, but will happily order a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. People like a bright and refreshing style of wine, but the word acid seems to have a bad reputation. There is acid in many fruits, making the sweetness palatable and refreshing. Imagine drinking a strong solution of sugar and water. Thick and sweet right? Add some acid to the solution and it will help mitigate the sweetness and balance the drink. Or, the reverse: go suck on a lemon for a while and see how that feels. Now take a sip of that […]