I get upset when people ask for something and are not willing to pay for it. It happens all the time in the world of blogging. A publication needs content but doesn’t want to pay for it, so they put a call out to the world and people respond who are looking for an outlet for their work. Bloggers want recognition and what better way than to use someone else’s platform that many already have many followers. Recently I found a post from the folks at the flying winemaker saying that they are looking to start up a wine publication and were looking for writers. Turns out they are looking for free content and even want writers to give up the rights to their work. This is their pitch to get you to write for them. I am not sure who to blame for this situation, the writer or the publication. Both benefit in some way. The writer may reach an audience that they may not otherwise reach. The publication gets content. Win win. But there are so many problems with this. Often the bloggers seeking attention want an outlet and may not be the best writers or have little knowledge on the topic.  They […]