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In Defence of the Selfie Stick

People hate on selfie sticks (SS) and I can’t understand why. If you are inclined to take photos of yourself, it is by far the best way to capture. Without one it is an awkward angle to hold a camera or maybe you loose a few of your friends in the frame. Also if you want to take video there is no better way to take the shot yourself. If you are someone like Casey Neistat who makes daily vlogs, maybe you could justify something similar to his set up. But that kind of gear is not for everyone and he even admits it is heavy. Perhaps  you choose something similar to Ben Brown or Louie Cole.; pocket sized, hand held cameras are best for them. But maybe a SS could help improve some of the angels? Recently I found another reason for carrying a SS with you; and that is ownership. If someone takes video of you and you post it on your YouTube channel, the ownership is with the shooter and not you, the person who may be doing some crazy shit in the video. In fact if that video was to be used by a third party the subject would […]

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Is Pagito Vermentino?

I’m confused. Those that know me, know it happens often and with little effort. But this is a real noodle scratcher. And I suspect might confuse even the most knowledgable of people. Maybe? I recently started working at a restaurant where the entire wine list is Italian. I thought I knew a thing or three about Italian wines, but flipping through the list proves that simply wasn’t the case. There are regions I know, but within them are provinces I don’t. Toss in indigenous grape varieties that grow nowhere else in the world and you might realize that the learning curve is steep. As I come across the different grapes I look them up to learn more about them. One grape I saw on a label was Pigato. So I reach for Jancis, Julia and José’s book Wine Grapes and under Pigato is says see Vermentio. This is very common, many grapes have synonyms and are called something different in other parts of the world and often in other parts of the same country.     Paraphrasing from Wine Grapes, Vermentino is believed to have come to the  French Island of Corse in the thirteenth or fourteenth century. But the earliest mention is from […]

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