Last week was 16 degrees celsius This week it was minus 26 with the wind chill. Considering I live in Toronto, and it is the middle of February, this week’s temperature is much more in line with how things should be. When people ask me if I’m cold, I say no. Which is normally the truth. Generally I’m very warm. It’s my fingers and toes that make a liar out of me. Yet I cycle to work. Every day. I cycle because I work in a location that is not easily accessible by public transit, the TTC. You would think that working in an office on a major street would prove to be easy to get to, but it’s not. Should I want to take public transit, the trip goes something like this. I walk 5 mins to get to the nearest transit stop. Then wait another 5 mins or more for the streetcar to arrive. When I board the streetcar it takes about 20 mins to where I need to get off. That is already more than the length of time it takes me to ride my bike to work. And once I am off the street car, I […]