I had an identity crisis early this year. For so many years I had worked in restaurants and was known to friends and family as a sommelier. Then, I decided I wanted to learn more about the LCBO and took a job with a wine agency. It was a tremendous learning experience and I saw first hand just how inefficient the LCBO is and how hard it is to get wine into the province. It takes a great deal of hard work from truly passionate people to get wines through all the red tape. Not to mention the delivery guys that have to wait in the cold and rain at the board before having to bring the wine to a restaurant. In this market, they are the unsung heroes. But I wanted to get back. I had put down my corkscrew. I was not using the skill set and doing the things that I identified with as being a sommelier. When I was introduced to people and was called a sommelier, I felt fake, like I should turn in my pin. At home, I even stopped drinking from my tastevin. Above all, I was not working in a restaurant. I […]