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Restaurant as a band

I love music. I love the layers, the textures, the sounds. Not to mention the beats and rhythm. There are many great bands out there. All working hard to make a living and get some sort of recognition. Whatever that may be to them. It is passion that fuels their fire and keeps them moving. Often in the back of a van across a country. Giving everything they have. Every night. On stage. A restaurant is very similar. Minus the van of course. Each night a cast and crew put on a show. None are more important than each other. There may be higher profile roles, there may be charismatic people that might get your attention but, without the full support of all involved, everything falls down. Ringo Star was the drummer that the Beatles needed because he was no complainer to the group as a whole. He could have showboated his way through the haze of the 60’s and 70’s but instead he complimented John and Paul into rhythm perpetuity. He provided the prefect beat at the right time and was just as important to the band as the rest. John Entwistle played bass like a boss. When everyone […]

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Why I decant wine

As a sommelier at George Restaurant, if I had my way, I would decant every single wine I open. During dinner service I don’t have the luxury of time for a wine to unwind and open itself. Popping the cork and pouring the wines doesn’t do anyone any favors. Not the winemaker who spent an entire season growing the grapes and (often longer) transforming them into wine. Nor the dining guest who ordered a wine and will only fully enjoy the wine on those final sips, once it has properly opened up. As a sommelier I need to acknowledge both parties; I am the midwife to the winemaker and purveyor of goods to the guest. I have to make sure that my guest is given a wine that they can objectively make their own opinion about. But, there are few occasions when someone calls us hours before their reservation and asks for a wine to be decanted. Imagine being on a long haul flight, in the back of the plane. You may have been excited about the trip and full of energy when you boarded, but once you land that vibrato is gone. You may find yourself in a strange land […]

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