There is evidence to suggest that happy staff will treat their guests well. And studies, like this one, say restaurant guests are willing to pay more when they are treated better. Of course there are many ways to keep staff happy, but a simple way is to feed them well. That’s right: staff meal. It shows respect and makes staff feel appreciated. But with margins razor slim in most restaurants, often there isn’t a staff meal. In most places staff meal is a luxury. For the restaurants that do provide a staff meal, it is often made from whatever is in the back of the walk-in. Pureed hot-dogs anyone? Stale bread and cold cuts? That won’t sustain a hungry army for the long service ahead. Staff meal can be a time for everyone to get to know each other and help bring a team together. There is long service ahead and the stress is going to be high, it is important to take 15 minutes to sit down and eat to help nourish the body. We all spend a great deal of time being “on” and the pressure of a busy restaurant is not a place for an empty stomach. […]