Winemaking is an art. It takes a very special person to have the ability to take a raw material like grapes and transform them into wine. There are hundreds of choices to be made at each step. One person can look a vineyard of Pinot Noir and make something completely different than the next person. Similarly in music, many people can play guitar, but all of them play it very differently. So it is not uncommon that many artists enjoy wine. The hidden aromas, , the subversion, the practice and patience it takes to produce a bottle. But the big difference is that there is only once chance a year to make that wine. There are no formulas, there is no template, and there is no sheet music. However, like any live performance, each day, the same wine changes.  Many in the music industry have followed their passion for wine and have become involved in a winery. Some musicians own the winery outright, while others lend their name and work with a winery to create a label.  Less Claypool has the aptly named Claypool Cellars with a wine named, Claypool Cellars CHAMPAGNE Pachyderm. I am not sure how the word […]