Ruchè I was a Ruchè rookie. I was unaware of the Ruchè bouquet. But now, I’m screaming Hooray for Ruchè! Not only does this native Italian grape variety produce some exceptional wines, it also comes with a marvelous story. Like all grapes, there is a birthplace. We know that Cabernet Sauvignon originated in Bordeaux, a region of about 300,000 hectares. Or that Pinot Noir’s home is in Burgundy, a region of about 30,000 hectares. And the most likely birthplace of Tempranillo is La Rioja and Navarra, with a combined total of around 73,000 hectares. However, imagine being able to stand in the vineyard where a grape originated and is still made today? Such is the case with Ruchè. Piedmont is a region rich with grapes, and a few are most common there. However in the province of Asti, in a small commune called Castagnole Monferrato, there is 1.7 hectare vineyard which is considered to be the official birthplace of Ruchè. In the book Native Grapes of Italy, Ian D’Agata writes, “Ruchè has always been held in high esteem locally; the wines made from it were reserved for special occasions.” And so, like a gift from a higher power, along came […]