You order a wine at a bar or restaurant and when it is served, you only nose it to confirm that the wine is clean.

Everyone else gets their pour and after the cheers, you taste it for the first time. You’re not sure if the wine is corked, but aren’t not sure that it’s not corked. You taste again.

Fuck! Corked.

Just a hint, but enough to notice now and keep you from enjoying it. Trouble is you’re the only one who has noticed and your friends are having a grand time laughing and telling stories.

You have to get the waiters attention and tell them that even though you confirmed the wine, it wasn’t until after tasting it you realized that it was corked. And because three quarters of the wine is in the glasses, it can’t be returned.

How do you try and tell the waiter that you want a new wine? Do you even mention it?

If you’re the waiter, how would you react?