Fuck off Monday.

And figure yourself out Presto Card!

There are still many problem that need to be sorted out before the Presto Card can be fully functional. The Card is teasing us with what it could be. It needs work, and quick.

There is no app for the Presto Card so I am forced to log in online. The process is safe and secure but also arduous and time consuming. Having to do so through a browser on my phone would be even more frustrating.

The machines where I can load a card are scarce and often broken. Take the one at the Bloor and Spadina station on a Monday at 6pm. Please take it. And fix the fucking thing!

Trying to load my Presto Card at the TTC station is often not possible as they are different businesses.

The machines on a streetcar are simply useless as they only take payment. They can’t reload my Presto Card, forcing me to do so online.

What’s the point of having a new fleet of streetcars if they are not fully ready for service?

Why can’t I pay through an app? One that would also allow me to check transit times. Come on Presto people! Get on it!

There are millions of other places that transit users would prefer to be. In line, waiting to have to buy TTC tokens, is not one of them.

In case you were wondering, the word presto means quick. Trying to make your way through the city with an empty Presto Card is anything but. In fact I thinkI’m going to rename mine The Lento Card.


Lets not forget the Go Trains! Forget to tap that fucker downstairs and you have to run all the way back down, tap it and run upstairs again hoping the train is still there! Why are there no machines on board the train? Ideally one where I could reload if need be.

Getting around the city can be difficult enough. No one wants something that wasn’t fully though out to pretend the forgetful are saving time.