Restaurant Consultation

Often 30 to 40% of revenue comes from beverages sold in a restaurant. Jay’s world-class experience allows restaurants to develop an extraordinary wine program without the cost of hiring a full time wine director. Jay can provide wine purchasing and inventory management, staff training for new restaurants. He can also help reshape wine programs for restaurants that need to update their approach.

Wine Education, Events, and Tastings

One of Jay’s favorite things, besides drinking wine, is talking about it. For many years, in some of the best restaurants, Jay has been talking about wines to people from around the world. Whether it is a small dinner or a much larger function Jay is able to create a bespoke wine experience for you and your guests.

Jay’s years of experience can benefit you in educational seminars, wine pairings, purchasing and delivery of the wines and assist with service.

Having completed both ISG and WSET Diplomas, Jay can help in one-on-one or small group tutoring.

Cellar Management

To drink or not to drink? That is the question.  Is this wine ready, or should it be left for a little longer? Jay has been filling cellars in some of the best restaurants around the world for years and can help answer these questions.

Want to start a cellar and are not sure where to begin?

Maybe you already have a cellar and need help organizing.

Do you have some wine you want to part with? Jay is available for appraisals and liquidation.

Need help navigating the LCBO? Not sure what a private order is or how the consignment system works? Let Jay be your guide while you travel the world of wine through the LCBO.


In his career Jay has traveled extensively through the wine regions of the world. Before setting off on the wine tour of your dreams, consult Jay for itineraries, tours, recommendations and introductions.